With lock down due to COVID 19 pandamic, academic institutions could not be run in face-to-face mode. A few academic institutions in which students from relatively affluent group are studying and teachers having readiness to offer their services started online education. Understandably, Nepal Open University has been using online mode. Majority of the students who are studying in other than these two types of institutions are facing problems.

One form of pedagogical practice that can help the majority students is asymmetrical mode. Thinking that students having willingness to study should get avenues, I decided to prepare video lectures. My YouTube channel is

Video Lectures/interviews on the following topics are available. Please refer to the relevant one:

Research Proposals: From Start to Finish: 

Toulmin’s Model of Argument:

Writing a Literature Review II:

Writing a Literature Review I:

Research Topic Selection:

Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing:

Born for Each Other:

How Your Birth Order Influences Your Life Style:

Covid 19 and Trauma:–0knl03PI